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The threat of environmental pollution and health hazards
Natural tailings ponds, which have no protective watertight screens, are the main threat to environmental pollution.

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The radiological environment in the Zhovti Vody
Air environment In the air of this area, the content of the main dose-forming radionuclides Ra226 exceeds the acceptable doze more than twofold. Besides, outside the sanitary-hygienic zone, dust and gas emissions of existing facilities of Eastern Mining Processing Plant cause increased Th230 content in the air when there are critical wind speeds (up to 9m/s).

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Radioactive impurity due to the activity of the Production Association Prydneprovskiy Chemical Plant (PCP) in Dneprodzerzhinsk city
In 1948, the PO Prydneprovskiy Chemical Plant (initial name - Slag Fertilizers Plant) started production of uranium salts out of slag obtained during uranium and iron bearing ores melting in the blast-furnace No 6 of the metallurgical plant named after Dzerzhinskiy.

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Radiation pollution due to the Eastern Mining Processing Plant’s operation
The Eastern Mining Processing Plant has been operating beginning from the fiftieth of the last century. Its capacities (mines, plants, laboratories, pilot factories, tailings ponds) are located in the territory of Zhovti Vody city and its suburbs. In the eightieth certain production capacities of the Eastern Mining Processing Plant were constructed in Kirovograd region.

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Radiation characteristics of Dnepropetrovsk region
Radioecological situation in Dnepropetrovsk region in light of its complexity and environmental threat and population (including future generation) health hazard, is unparalleled in Ukraine.

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Underground disposal of residual solutions in the Devladovskoe uranium ore deposit
Devladovskoe deposit of uranium ore is located in the Sophia area of Dnepropetrovsk region. It was discovered and developed in 1955-1957.

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