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How environmental problems are solved in Dnepropetrovsk region?
Today, every citizen of Ukraine should know that the environmental situation in the country is more that unfavorable for full and healthy life. It depends on us to a large extent, whether the situation will change or not. Shall we be irresponsive as we were before and, thus, dying nationally, or shall we ask relevant questions to the government and require not only answering them, but also acting vigorously in order to eliminate the problems harming our life. Let’s take Dnepropetrovsk as an example and trace the way environmental issues are sold at a local level.

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In the Survival Zone
The problem of man-made pollution and environmental degradation in the country is increasingly affecting the health of the Ukrainians. Our interview with Vladimir GONCHARENKO, the chairman of the Social movement of Ukraine “For the right of citizens to environmental safety” highlights the measures to be taken by the new government in public policy to change the current situation.

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